Predator Adventures are proud to bring the innovative Seabreacher semi-submersible to the UK for the very first time. Designed by Innerspace Productions in California, this 18-foot craft emulates the speed and movement of a killer whale.

Within its sleek lined hull lies incredible raw power. A 300 hundred horsepower supercharged engine delivers speeds of up to 60 mph. The Seabreacher can leap 18 feet into the air and dive to a depth of 5 metres. Just like a real killer whale, fins on the back of the craft enable incredibly tight turns, allowing 90-degree rolls and delivering forces of up to 2G.

Inside the sealed cockpit the experience feels more fighter jet than speed boat. Through the same tinted glass cockpit used in a F-16, watch London fly by as the craft dives and leaps through the one of the world’s most famous rivers.This is the first and only place in the UK you can experience the Seabreacher.

This truly unique experience is waiting for you. If you dare.